07 March 2020
15:00 (UTC/GMT -3 )

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Hookah Battle South America Cup 2020 – an international competition of the official Hookah Battle League where on behalf of the leading hookah companies and restaurants, the best hookah gurus gather to compete for the right to be called the best hookah master of the South America!
The independent and authoritative jury, consisting of eminent bloggers and the first persons of large hookah companies around the world, guests of the event can try and evaluate the hookahs of each team of participants.
The competition will be held 7 March 2020 in Sao – Paulo, Brazil on Expo Hookah Brazil.

Participants will need to prepare a hookah for the members of the jury who will evaluate it on the Schulze method. What it is the requirements for hookah preparation? Actually there is no any requirements how hookah should look like or which ingredients use. Who can take part in these competitions? Participant can be any person who has attained 18 years of age. In most cases, participants are various hookah craftsmen working in the shisha-lounges. You can participate as an independent person or as a representative of the company – shisha-lounge or shisha-catering service. To become a participant of the competition – you need to fill a simple online registration form on the official website Hookahbattle.com. Participation in Hookah Battle is free.

Video-instruction how to register your team: https://youtu.be/qtoF4fRzkK0

And of course, a real hookah lover should not miss this event: you will find a fascinating show, you can try all competitors hookahs, and make a special vote for your favorite participants hookah!

Check the photo report of passed championships in our FB page, and video report in our Youtube channel

See you at the Expo Hookah Brazil and Hookah Battle South America Cup 2020!



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